About the Group


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The Males in Early Childhood Network Group

The group aims to be at the forefront of change where male staff and male volunteers will be accepted as being essential in early childhood services. Males have something to offer that is different to what females have to offer. Male identity is important for young children and contributes to their development. Men working in this field should not have to feminise themselves in order to ‘go under the radar’, but should be able to be themselves, so that young children see men as caring and nurturing. The group acknowledges the great work that female staff and mothers do, and we are also about recognising the strengths that men can bring to the service.

The network group has identified goals; with the primary aim to recruit, retain and support men to work with young children. To introduce male identity into services is essential, as well as providing mentoring support to eliminate men working or studying in isolation.

According to the Department of Education 2013 National ECEC Workforce Census, male staff make up just 2.7% of the under 5’s early childhood service workforce.



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